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Where Have All The Summers Gone?

Let's take a look back to summertime as a kid! Dawn to dusk play time looking for new adventures that only a child can imagine. Oh to be a kid again growing up during a time that seemed simple, safe and full of wonder.

And then to continue growing up to experience the new music sound and culture shift of the 1960's. It was an exciting adventure ride!

Here's a look at my version of the 60's Flower Tiger Lily:

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Lots of memories abound, from the fashion shift, to the free spirited view of life, to the troubled times that started taking center stage around the world. What a time to look back on and be reminded of the good things and challenges that came out of it.

Tiger Lily, like all of my OOAK miniature dolls, is hand sculpted, given a wire body armature so she is gently poseable, and then she is costumed (period correct) from start to finish. I select and use only the finest of fabrics on my creations and they are never to be duplicated. So when you spot one of my art dolls or furniture accessories that you love, please collect it before it's gone!

I encourage you to let your fingers do the walking through my Etsy shop where you're sure to find a variety of miniature treasures. You can enjoy art dolls from all walks of life along with classic to quirky furnishings and accessories. And please visit my websSite to also view my collection of current work as well as my gallery of creations over the years.

As always for Questions - Commission Requests - Giving Feedback, Sharing Your Ideas or for more information on any of my totally original designs, take a few precious moments from your day and email me, LoreleiBlu. I'd enjoy hearing from you and on communicating back!

Here's to enjoying the last of summer and to a grand, fun fall.



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