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Back In The Miniature Creation Game

Time away from my studio to recharge has been wonderful. Now I'm back to creating my OOAK miniatures. New ideas are flowing and I'm happy to be designing more of the inventive and fun dolls, furniture, and unique accessories that I'm known for.

Here's a furniture statment piece of celebration:

The Coronation Tea Settee & Ottoman

The Coronation Tea Settee & Ottoman

And if it's miniature dolls you fancy, when it comes to designing and outfitting miniature dolls like no others, I'm in my element. Please let me introduce you to two of my latest:


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Witchy sisters Echo & Lark, along with their cats Daisy & Violet


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Witchling LuLu Nightshade & her dolly Pip

I hope you'll make the time to visit my Etsy shop to relax and enjoy! Take a well deserved breather from your daily routine, get lost for a time and focus on your/my world of miniatures. You will find a variety of OOAK creations available and enjoy many different pictures of my work for sale.

Grab your favorite cuppa, round up your friends and have them join you in a pre-celebration of summer for your very own "Collector's Corner" party with a magical cruise through my website. We're open 24/7 and admission is FREE!

As always for Questions - Commission Requests - Giving Feedback, Sharing New Creation Ideas or for more information on any of my totally original designs, share a few precious moments and email me, LoreleiBlu, I'd love to hear from you and I promise to reply!

Cheers - LoreleiBlu


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