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Only In Your Dreams

Miniatures coming to life & putting a smile on your face!

The mind can be a wonderful thing to introduce us to new ideas, new adventures, and in my case new OOAK exquisite miniature dolls, quirky furniture and lots of fun bits & bobs.

As it's been said, a picture is worth a thousand here's a glimps at some of my latest creations:

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Good Witch Quinn Pumpkinseed

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My Witchalicious Vanity

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Good Witch Belladonna Nightmagick

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Black Cat Cabinet of Curiosities

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Black Cat Seance Table & Chairs

It's the time of year to get your haunting hat back out and add more personality to your doll house, cottage, or castle for the grand haunting season that's just around the corner now......Halloween. I'm working at my studio design desk to help you realize your dreams and to achieve your witchalicious fantisies! Join me won't you.

I select and use only the finest of fabrics on my creations and they are all one of a kind - never to be duplicated. So when you spot one of my art dolls or furniture accessories that you love, please collect it before it's gone!

It's a hectic world out there so take a little time for yourself and cruise through my Etsy shop where you're sure to find a variety of unique personality-filled miniature treasures. You can enjoy art dolls from all walks of life, spooky to regal, classic to quirky furnishings and fun accessories. And please visit my websSite where you can view my collection of current work as well as my full gallery of creations from over the years.

As always for Questions - Commission Requests - Giving Feedback, Sharing Your Ideas or for more information on any of my totally original miniature designs, steal a few precious moments from your day and email me, LoreleiBlu. I'd enjoy hearing about miniatures on your mind and I'll communicate back!


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