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    Collectors around the world are enjoying the miniature treasures from the LoreleiBlu Studio

    I love designing, creating & bringing to life, characters fully posable that show personality 

    and make lasting impressions.

    Captain Jack Sparrow

    I’m an avid movie watcher and book reader. I love bringing the characters I see on screen and in books to life.

    My love of the macabre, otherworldly and magick are the inspiration.

    My favorite era in history is the 1940’s. From the music to fashion. I grew up watching old black and white movies and find so much inspiration in them.

    Furnishings are so personal and tell a story about the person or character who owns them. I adore the quirky as well as traditional.

    The devil is in the details. I like to create everything that adds personality and brings a doll or doll house to life.

  • The Art Deco Coffin Settee

    Covered in wonderful silk with black silk trim. My custom coffin has bat finials with green crystal beads on top and comes with two custom weighted pillows. The back and sides have an Art Deco design with 4 carrying handle rings.

    Lily Moonchild the Ghost Bride

    A touch of class in antique fabric & lace from the 1890's. Lily is carrying a beautiful bridal bouquet made of grape vine tendrils, silk ribbon, antique lace & mini flowers

    Good Witch Flora Nightingale

    Outfitted in classic black silk & embroidered gown, matching hat and stunning violet hair. She'll arrive on her custom hand-made broom with her glow in the dark cauldron.

    Wizard Alistair Stonefeather

    The magical powers of a wizard outfitted in wonderful silk brocade robe and comes with his glow in the dark magic book & candle.

    Vampire Chest of Drawers

    This true one of a kind miniature original comes with all the spooky bits & bobs shown on it. From miniature books to bones, potion bottles, pewter skull candle holders, dagger, crystal ball & much more.

    Good Witch Esme Meadowsweet

    Beautifully outfitted in glow in the dark cotton fabric, removable feathered hat, glow in the dark cauldron & custom broom made of wood foraged from England....a unique treasure!

    Desdemona The Fairy Queen

    Lavishingly outfitted in rich blue & gold iridescent silk teffeta with silk ribbon and antique lace. Her OOAK crown goes well with her beautiful blue wings.

    The Fairytale Knole Settee & Ottoman

    A rich, colorful cotton design to add comfort to any dollhouse, room box, cottage or castle.

    Sakura The Japanese Beauty

    Dressed in a breathtaking silk kimono & comes with handmade tea pot, cups & 3 hand fans.

    The Bed Of Violets

    My Louise bed in shabby chic crinkle finish is dressed with a hand made patch work quilt duvet of soft cotton, top & fitted sheets, and 1900s lace bed skirt. A true OOAK bed!

    Mr. Tarquinius

    The proper steampunk gent with a OOAK marvelous beard. He's decked out with all the proper gears...even his eye-piece!

    The Plague Doctor Peregrine Ravenheart

    In black silk & soft kid leather with removable full leather face mask, lantern & walking stick. He's ready to fight Monkey Pox!

    Martha Rose

    From my 1940's Housewives collection, Martha is outfitted in cotton, linen and wonderful wool. She is fully poseable and comes with her Jane Austen books & a warming cuppa!

    The Hearts & Flowers Bed

    Dressed in elegant silk, velvet, and antique lace, this 19th. century style miniature bed is hand painted in black lacquer with gold highlights. It's a true OOAK treasure!

    Vampire Lady Kira Nighthawk

    Outfitted in a luxurious deep red silk gown with black lace trim. Her thick jet black hair against her beautiful skin and regal gown will light up any miniature room!

    Angel Wings Dressing Table & Antique Lace Covered Stool

    This OOAK original design is a handmade beauty and comes with all the bits & bobs shown on the table top that adorn it. The stool is covered in blue silk & topped with exquisite antique lace....a rare find to WOW your miniatures!

    Good Witch Isis Moonflower & Sky

    Dressed in colorful cotton from head to toe with fancy removable hat, custom broom and her kitty, Sky.

    Lady Delphine

    Carassed in black silk taffeta with antique silk chiffon & real antique lace from the 1800's.

    Miss Tilly Bluebell

    Tilly is a unique beauty in lovely flower print cotton with English lace, silk ribbon bows and a custom flower basket.

    The Fairytale Queen Chair & Ottoman

    Rich soft cotton with silk cord , lace skirting, Swarovski crystal finials & handmade pillow with matching lace....personality plus!

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  • About LoreleiBlu

    Since she was a child, LoreleiBlu has had a love for dolls and all of the beautiful furnishings that transform a house into a home.


    As a self-taught artist, she started as a painter and then expanded to photo realistic drawings. She was always searching for the next creative adventure. Years later she started sculpting dolls in clay and her true talent for developing her unique miniature world was born.


    Her love of history, literature and fashion from the 1800's right through to today has kept her inquisitive nature and creativity alive and growing. Published 19 times by top respected miniature doll magazines in the US and England, LoreleiBlu's OOAK miniature art treasures are enjoyed by collectors the world over.


    LoreleiBlu has a passion and reputation for creating beautiful, poseable miniature dolls and furnishings that show off her eye for details. Each shines a spotlight on the distinct personality and love she puts into each piece. These are truly unique pieces of art.

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