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    I love imagining, designing, creating, and bringing to life OOAK dolls of all sorts that are fully posable and exude a unique personality

    to set & project

    just the right mood.

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    The Mad Hatter

    I’m an avid movie buff and book reader. I love bringing the characters I enjoy on screen and in books into the miniature world.

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    My love of the macabre, other worldly beings, and magic are the inspiration for many of my creations.

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    My favorite era in history is the 1940’s, from the music to the glorious fashions. I grew up watching old black and white movies and still get so much inspiration from them.

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    Furnishings are so personal and tell a story about the person or character who owns them. I adore the quirky as well as stately and traditional.

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    The devil is in the details. I like to create  things that add interest and personality to bring a doll house., room box. cottage, or castle to life.

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    Penelope Bridgerton

    She is a woman of refined taste and glamor, a true Bridgerton!


    Penelope is outfitted in rich silk taffeta with French lace at her bodice & wears a silk ribbon sash. Her tailored ecru coverup is made of lovely vintage lace. And ofcourse, this beautiful ensemble is completed with custom silk shoes and silk ribbon bows.


    All of my OOAK original hand made & gently poseable miniature dolls enjoy free priority shipping, are fully insured, come with my certificate of authenticity, and arrive at your door fast!

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    Queen Charlotte of Bridgerton

    This queen is lavishingly outfitted in silk with vintage accents on her gown and she has Swarovski Crystals on her beautifully flower embroidered. And she wears her hair styled like no others.


    Charlotte wears a classic necklace, earings and bracelets on both wrists, plus custom shoes made of silk , crystals, and lace.

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    Lady Danbury

    A best friend of Bridgerton's Queen Charlotte, Lady Danbury is regally dressed in red silk with wonderful red and gold brocade accents.


    She has black & white styled hair and wears earings, rings and a grand necklace. Her hair also has Swarovski Crystal accents adding to her classic style.


    Like all of my miniatute dolls, Lady Danbury is hand sculpted from her head to her feet and then originally costumed for a totally one of a kind glamore look.

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    Midnight Dreams Bed

    A lovely wooden hand painted bed in black gloss and ready to warm up any bedroom in your miniature world of wonder.


    The Midnight Dreams Bed is fully dressed with a fitted bottom and top sheet, a hand stitched cotton comforter in multiple designs, two pillows and 4 cushions. All are made of soft cotton and are fully removable.


    You'll also receive a custom wine decanter and wine glasses on a beautifully designed serving tray.





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    Lady Blythe

    Blythe is a wonderful example of my stunning OOAK miniature dolls. She is hand scuplted in polymer clay, classically dressed and is fully poseable.


    I've designed and created her original dramatic regal look with antique lace and cotton from a late 1800's dressing gown. She also wears a silk undershirt and shoes made from a wedding gown bow, also from the 1800's. Blythe wears very special jewelry that adorn her hands and wrist.

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    The Hocus Pocus


    Enjoy a hauntingly delightful OOAK miniature vanity that is fit for a fashionista.


    Hand painted in black enamal with drawers that open and close. This vanity top is filled with magical items...Italian glass beads, Swarovski Crystals, real organic bones, filled candle holders and much more.

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    Good Witch Minerva Elderberry


    Witchaliciously dressed in soft cotton and lace with an oh so sweet face. Minerva's colorful costuming is fresh and enchanting, from her raven topped hat to her hauntingly wonderful hightop shoes.


    She will arrive with her custom broom and my signature glow in the dark bubbling cauldron. Minerva comes with postage free priority mail, fully insured, and with my Guarantee of OOAK Authenticity.

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    Miss Audrey Thistledown - 1940's

    A true fashionista of her generation! like all of my miniature art dolls, she is hand sculpted, poseable and wears her OOAK custom clothing. Look at her beautiful auburn hair and period outfit....what a gal!


    Miss Audrey is dressed in soft cotton fabric with a vintage lace neckline, Sworovski Crystal accents & silk ribbon bows. She also wears a lovely handmade faux fur shrug and an eye-catching felt hat.


    She will arrive quickly with her bag of shopping treasures wearing her custom handbag and comfortable cream & brown Spectator pumps.

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    Good Witch Caliope Blackmoon & Oona

    A hand made OOAK miniature in fine black and red silk. Ursula has jet black braided hair with custom shoes, striped socks and a grand hat.


    She will arive with hand painted dolly Oona, her bubbling glow in the dark cauldron & a very special broom.

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    The Bat Wing Settee, Ottoman & Cocktails

    The Bat Wing Settee in hand painted wood with its custom Ottoman are lavishingly covered with fine graphic cotton. Both in rich purple & black with fine trim details my creations are known for.


    The collector of this grand miniature set will also receive 5 reversable pillows, 2 cocktails, a hand made decanter topped with a Swarovski Crystal & an antique looking serving tray. How's that for a spookalicious gathering!



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    Good Witch Iris Moonflower & Sky

    She is a beauty in colorful designer cotton and has a wonderful removable hat with a Swarovski crystal hat pin. She'll travel on her custom broom along with her black cat Sky.  


    Iris is a gently poseable OOAK miniature that can stand, sit or even lounge. Shipping is fast, free, & fully insured - plus as with all of my creations she comes with my certificate of authenticity.


    She can be brightening up your doll house, room box, cottage or castle within a few days!

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    Martha Rose 1940's Housewife

    Martha comes from my Angry Housewives collection but has learned to relax and enjoy life now.


    She's dressed in soft cotton and linen with pearl buttons, delicate lace adorns her neckline and spotlighs a beautiful mini cameo. Her jumper is made of purple wool for thos chilly damp days and she wears comfy slippers and nylons to keep her feet warm.


    She'll show up with her very own Jane Austen mini books and a cuppa for hours of reading and lounging pleasure.

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    The Cherry Hutch


    This unique wooden cabinet is hand painted cherry red with a black & white checkered top and back, black pulls and black & white striped sides and shelves with lace fronts on the shelves.


    It comes with a ready to hang custom HOME plaque that is also framed in black & white along with cherries and leaves hand painted on.

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    Tiger Lily - The 60's Flower Child


    Period correct in her tie dyed bellbottoms with hand painted words and peace symbols, tye dyed tunic, crocheted belt & granny squared vest.


    Her hand made OOAK basket is filled with essentials of the day. A great 60's generation statement miniature doll.

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    The Hello Skelly Settee & Skull Phone

    A hauntingly unique OOAK settee that will raise eyebrows and spook up any room in your miniature world!


    Hello skelly settee comes with a REAL BONE phone receiver, an Ouija board, candle stick, a spookalicious cotton cushion, and Bluie the mouse.....how's that for making a dramatically grand haunting.

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    Wendy Darling

    Outfitted in a rare antique cotton & lace from the late 1800's. Peter Pan's friend is gently poseable to enhance your miniature world and comes with her book of fairytales.

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    Good Witch Ebony Batwing

    Dress in a beautiful in an all black custom silk gown that's fitted and makes her glow.


    Ebony is hand sculpted and is a certified OOAK miniature original. She's gently poseable, wears a grand silk hat that's edged in red and is topped off with a lovely black feather.


    Ebony will arrive with my signature hand made glow in the dark bubbling cauldron and a very magical broom.

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    The Lady Pandora Bed

    Yes...this Victorian dressed bed reaks of class with no details left out. It's hand painted and distressed in black and soft purple.


    The miniature hand made crazy quilt has weighted pillows on it and tastefully covers a vintage top sheet over a fitted bottom sheet of purple silk.


    All this wonderful bed covering is a OOAK creation that's poseable to achieve a more formal look or can be made to look slept in.

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    The Coronation Tea Chair and Ottoman

    This very British set is a show stopper in royal cotton fabric with red corn trim and hand made red tassels. And it will arrive with its very own pillow and featured gold color crown finials.


    Make it the feature of your miniature doll house, cottage, room box, or castle...it adds more class to enjoying a cuppa!

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    The Coronation Tea Settee and Ottoman

    In fine English cotton with gold metal crown finials, pillows, bolsters, ottoman, coronation crown on a red silk pillow, tea set with cookies on a custom tray. All OOAK hand made.

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  • About LoreleiBlu

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    Since she was a child, LoreleiBlu has had a love for dolls and all of the beautiful furnishings that transform a house into a home.


    As a self-taught artist, she started as a painter and then expanded to photo realistic drawings. She was always searching for the next creative adventure. Years later she started sculpting dolls in clay and her true talent for developing her unique miniature world was born.


    Her love of history, literature and fashion from the 1800's right through to today has kept her inquisitive nature and creativity alive and growing. Published 19 times by top respected miniature doll magazines in the US and England, LoreleiBlu's OOAK miniature art treasures are enjoyed by collectors the world over.


    LoreleiBlu has a passion and reputation for creating beautiful, poseable miniature dolls and furnishings that show off her eye for details. Each shines a spotlight on the distinct personality and love she puts into each piece. These are truly unique pieces of art.

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