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    I love designing, creating & bringing to life, characters fully posable that show personality 

    and make lasting impressions.

    Captain Jack Sparrow

    I’m an avid movie watcher and book reader. I love bringing the characters I see on screen and in books to life.

    My love of the macabre, otherworldly and magick are the inspiration.

    My favorite era in history is the 1940’s. From the music to fashion. I grew up watching old black and white movies and find so much inspiration in them.

    Furnishings are so personal and tell a story about the person or character who owns them. I adore the quirky as well as traditional.

    The devil is in the details. I like to create everything that adds personality and brings a doll or doll house to life.

  • Maria Elaina Muertos

    Dressed in beautiful black silk and lace

    1940's Mary Margret Fairwind

    OOAK 5.5 inch fully poseable Angry Housewife series, outfitted wonderfully-soft cotton, wool and silk ribbons

    Trick or Treat Settee & Ottoman

    Hand upholstered OOAK fun settee and ottoman in festive cottons with blown glass bead finials and colorful quirky pillows

    Vampire Julien Moonblood

    OOAK poseable miniature in silk brocade, antique tatting and fine linen

    Good Witch Blossom Skylark

    Outfitted in rich silk, lace and soft cotton. She is fully poseable and comes with a hand woven basket filled with goodies & a custom broom


    Beautifully outfitted in 1800's antique lace with micro pearls and blue silk ribbons

    Lily Moonchild The Ghost Bride

    Hauntingly delicious in antique 1890's fabric & lace, antique net stockings and a beautiful handmade bouquet.

    The Moon & Stars Corner Cabinet

    Hand painted distressed purple and black with glow in the dark custom paint to liven up any dollhouse, room box, cottage or castle

    Classic Peter Pan

    Fire red hair, green suede shoes & his magic sword

    Queen of the Night Coffin

    A coffin fit for a queen with Swarovski Chrystals...skulls and a rabbit throw.

    Mr. Tarquinius

    The classy steampunk gent with a OOAK marvelous beard

    Good Witch Talulah Hemlock

    Regal look in silk, cotton & lace with removable hat & custom broom

    Hecate' Dragonblood

    Totally unique, she comes with custom hat & broom

    Little Witch Alice

    For Alice in Wonderland lovers, along with her cat & bubbling glow in the dark cauldron

    The Raven Witch Bed

    Goth style luxurious cotton detailed to the max...another one of a kind gem

    Yelena The Russian Witch

    A traditionally dressed OOAK fall witch complete with her hand beaded Kokshnik head dress and custom broom.

    Queen Of Hearts Chair & Ottoman

    A fabulous OOAK furniture statement piece

    The Byron Bed

    Sculptured wood, hand painted flowers, custom pillows and real fur

    Wendy Darling

    Reading her stories and adventures with Peter Pan. She's a OOAK poseable miniature doll

    Vampire Chest of Drawers

    Loaded with all the great fang stuff a Vampire needs

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  • About LoreleiBlu

    Since she was a child, LoreleiBlu has had a love for dolls and all of the beautiful furnishings that transform a house into a home.


    As a self-taught artist, she started as a painter and then expanded to photo realistic drawings. She was always searching for the next creative adventure. Years later she started sculpting dolls in clay and her true talent for developing her unique miniature world was born.


    Her love of history, literature and fashion from the 1800's right through to today has kept her inquisitive nature and creativity alive and growing. Published 19 times by top respected miniature doll magazines in the US and England, LoreleiBlu's OOAK miniature art treasures are enjoyed by collectors the world over.


    LoreleiBlu has a passion and reputation for creating beautiful, poseable miniature dolls and furnishings that show off her eye for details. Each shines a spotlight on the distinct personality and love she puts into each piece. These are truly unique pieces of art.

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