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Cupid is right around the corner! Many of my collectors gift themselves on Valentine's day with a miniature doll or that special piece of quirky doll house furniture or another original creation from my studio. That way they get just the right addition to their miniature world. And at the same time they make it easy on their loved one who might be stumped by what to get them!

Here are two more new treasures just added to my world of original one of a kind miniature creations:

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Introducing my Marie Antoinette Bed....oh my!

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A beauty in fine silk, ribbon and antique lace

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Ready for one of my special dolls to slip in and settle

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And here's my sitting bench, also in silk with classic braiding and pillows

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The Marie Antoinette bed and bench 

At the LoreleiBlu Studio, our goal is to create unique and exciting miniatures that turn heads, make the right statement in your miniature world and add to the pleasure you receive from collecting month after month through trained eyes for timeless quality.

The Marie Antoinette bed and bench are part of my 2019 creations. You can view more  in my Etsy shop, where there's always a surprise to open your eyes and bring delight to your miniature fashion fantasy.
CONTACT: Questions - Commission Requests - Information - Feedback, all are welcome and it's so easy to reach out to the artist LoreleiBlu.
Celebrate Valentine's Day, and ever day given you, with the finer things in life. Surround yourself with those treasures that make you happy and bring joy to your deserve it!

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