Many things can make for a great design but who can one-up an one in my book! So I sat down at my studio workbench the other day and out came this unique OOAK chair. I call it my Angel Wings Ladies Chair:

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A Heavenly wood chair that's inventively stunning

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Lavishly covered in a soft blue silk & antique lace

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And, oh look. here's a beautiful Angel Wings Ladies Dressing Table

filled with wonderful writing supplies, perfume bottle, crystal lamp and more

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Even the gold cord trim and silk ribbon bows say "Heavenly"

My miniature furniture is such a treat for me to create and there's plenty more on the way! You'll find this wonderful Angel Wings Ladies Chair and Dressing Table in  my Etsy shop , along with many other one of a kind treasures for the collector who wants to treat themself to the finest of statement pieces.


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