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Ho-Ho-Hold the ordinary and collect an original creation that will provide you with a lifetime of pleasure! 

Much needed time away from my studio over the holidays gave me the opportunity to reflect on my craft, the treasures I've created in years past and my future goals. My decision is to expand LoreleiBlu Miniatures offerings with more, and uniquely different, one of a kind miniatures from character dolls, exciting and whimsical doll house furniture, beautiful hand painted portraits and even unique musical instruments.
In the past few weeks here are just a few of my new creations -

My hand painted cherry blossom chair in antique velvet

Feast your eyes on my silk Knole Settee

Original style was 17th. century from Knole in Kent

I painted this Early American style portrait and made the custom frame

Here's my Russian 3 string Balalaika, hand-crafted & hand-painted

My renewed love for what I do is starting my year out with this grand vision...have fun and share it with collectors around the world. That's exactly what I'm doing and I hope you enjoy my expansion. Please drop in on my Etsy shop, brows around and remember, all of my creations are OOAK originals never to be duplicated, so buy what you like before it's gone....and do tell your friends!

CONTACTS: Questions - Commission Requests - Information - Feedback , just use your magic mouse and speak with me, LoreleiBlu

I'm living proof, do what you love and the right folks will love what you creation at a time! Bringing  a lifetime of excitement to your miniature world.



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