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The Masks Are Refreshing a good look into personal creativity!

I don't know about you but in the few times that I've ventured out to pick up necessary supplies (mainly grocery fill-ins) in this pandemic, I've noticed more and more artsy masks on fellow shoppers. What that tells me is that the wheels are turning and many folks are using that as a way to express their creative self. I find that refreshing in all of this pandemonium, how about you?

During these past weeks my creativity has been the light that guides me to keep the faith and wade through the many positives and negatives we're being bombarded with, daily. I decided since these are scary times for all of us I'd focus on creating some more whimsical, color rich treasures that hopefully bring a smile to collectors looking to add some fun to their miniature world.

Ideas for new dolls, furniture and accessories have been on my mind since way before the quarantine and I thought the time was right to once again let my hands do the talking. Here are a few recent ones for you to preview:

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Here's my Witches Moon Chair & Ottoman...colors that pop

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Those that get to lounge in it truly have "eyes in the back of their head"

Since each and every piece from the LoreleiBlu Studio is a One Of A Kind original, created by my hands, with no molds used, they bring color and add a spirit of fun to any doll house, cottage, castle or room box. 

Oh, and let's not forget to introduce you to my newest miniature friend....Maisy Snapdragon:

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Maisy is The Garden Witch that's sure to bring sunshine and smiles to all

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Maisy Snapdragon.....all dressed up and ready for fun

I'm hoping that you'll drop by my website for a visit and frequently stop in to my Etsy shop for a proper cup of tea and a relaxing chat.

As always for Questions - Commission Requests - Feedback or for more information on any of my creations, please email me, LoreleiBlu, at, I'd enjoy hearing from you.

I hope you and your loved ones stay safely healthy and find joy in each day, remember this isn't dress rehearsal!