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I'm In A Steampunk State Of Mind

If only we could add outfits to our masks

What better way to celebrate the 1 year Anniversary of the launch of my website than by featuring one of my favorite doll subjects.....Steampunk!

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Meet Arthur Whitechapel in all of his regalia

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Arthur is a gentlemen to be sure and he has adventure in his heart

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Like all of my miniature doll creations he is fully poseable and ready to travel

I must admit that when you love what you's not work, it's time invested in happy moments and makes much of the craziness surrounding us all right now a bit easier to digest. Working in my studio is practicing social distancing with an added purpose!

And so that Arthur wouldn't be lonely, I created someone to social distance Electra: 

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Formally, she is known as Electra Timebender. She's a fancy dresser as well and very energetic

For weeks my team and I have been staying health and safe....hope your world has been able to do the same!

And when you need a break from you daily chores why don't you grab a little time for YOU to travel

by my website for a 1 year celebration visit, and be sure to stop in to my Etsy shop for a proper cup of tea and a relaxing chat....I'd enjoy that.

As always for Questions - Commission Requests - Feedback or for more information on any of my creations, please email me, LoreleiBlu, at, I'd love to hear from you.

I hope you and your loved ones continue to stay safely healthy and find joy in each day, remember collecting miniature OOAK dolls, furniture and accessories can deliver real life pleasure.