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The Streets Are Empty

....but the miniature world is still filled with wonder!

First, I hope that you're staying safe and healthy in this social distancing world we currently live in. The lights remain on in the LoreleiBlu studio and we're all being extra cautious to stay out of harms way, wash our hands repeatedly, keep our desgin spaces germ free and exercise - physically and mentally.

And with this world crisis continuing to brew I've created some new friends, they are the Plague Doctors - Morpheus Nightshade, Belladona Mandrake, and most recently, please meet Mordred Bloodroot:

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Mordred is dressed in luscious silk taffeta and fine Italian leather

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He carries his leather medical satchel and full length staff with a pewter skull and wings adornment on top

Those were unusual times and the Plague Doctors left their mark on a dark place in Victorian times where these doctors were called on to help heal the sick and protect society during the plagues of those days.

As with all of my miniature doll creations, Mordred is certified one of a kind and made of Prosculpt polymer clay along with my wire armature body design. He is fully poseable and able to set the right mood in your doll house, castle, cottage or room box.

Take some time to relax and visit my Etsy shop and website They are both open for business 24/7 and spotlight lots of quirky OOAK creations of mine including dolls, furniture, and miniature accessories. And I'm always adding new art treasures to please miniature collectors the world over. You can invite your miniature loving friends to log on and join in the fun while still following social distancing.

As always for Questions - Commission Requests - Feedback or for more information on any of my creations, please email me, LoreleiBlu, at

My wish for you is to stay safely healthy and enjoy life, one day at a time!