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This is a hauntingly delicious time of the month.....just 3 days to the one and only Halloween. And if you turn on just about any channel on your tele you'll be scared on a 24/7 basis with the wealth of horror films and special "live with the dead"shows...weird, eh!

Well in honor of all these activities I've created a "live with the dead who visit the living" character of my own just for the collector that enjoys the spirit world. Here name is Lillith and she's a beautiful ghost. Feast your eyes on her:

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Lillith The Lost Ghost is looking for a home to tastefully haunt

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She's sweet and dressed in vintage cotton and linen 

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Imagine having Lillith visiting at this spirit table with you and friends

Lillith is fully poseble, is a guaranteed one of a kind miniature doll original, as all of my creations are, and comes with her very own COA. You can visit her in my Spooktacular Etsy Shop along with wonderful Witches, classic Vampires, and hauntingly delicious furniture and accessories for your doll house, room box, cottage or castle.

CONTACT: Questions - Commission Requests - Information - Requests click your magic mouse here,

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Three days to take off and I hope you'll grab a few friends and drop in for a proper cup of tea before Halloween. Tis the time to spice up your world of fantasy with a creation or two from my studio.

Cheers of joy,