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Do you know where the expression "ride like the wind" comes from? Well I'll let you in on a little secret, the broom has been around for centuries and after all those many years I'm still making them the same way as back hand, of fine natural wood found in the forest, seasoned straw from the fields, and one at a time. 

Think about it, no respectable Witch would be without one. And my latest new friend put her order in and tested it out just days ago, right outside the LoreleiBlu Miniature Studio in beautiful moonlit Las Vegas! 
I'm please to introduce all to Goode Witch Grimhilda Twistedbelfry and her pet bat kitty, Alley:

She's hoping to visit you very soon

Grimhilda loves her Olde Wolrld Witchie style

She even has bat wings to turbo charge her broom rides

Like all of my dolls, she's poseable, enjoys sitting, standing or flying the haunting sky

Grimhilda Twistedbelfry is ready to explore the world and maybe it's time for her to land in your doll house, room box, castle or Witches cottage, broom - kitty and all, to spend Halloween with you! Take a little ride through my hauntingly delicious Etsy shop and feel free to bring your friends. This time of  year is a perfect time to enjoy another look around at the Witches, Vampires, Ghosts and excitingly different furniture and accessories that await you.

CONTACT: Questions - Commission Requests - Information - Feedback...the gates are open to share your thoughts and to connect directly with your friend, LoreleiBlu

Join me in counting down the days to another Spooktacular Halloween....the world is a better place with fun and fantasy in it. So reach for the moon and enjoy the ride.


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