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It's more than the season of the I have created the Vampire Count and I had the time of my life doing it. It's kind of like writing a romance novel. Creating my characters the way I want them to present the feeling and flavor of what I choose at the moment.

At that moment when I created Count Morpheus Rex I had the vision of a Vampire that you'd feel good about when you sat and shared a nice glass of RED wine...of course! And then when the chat went to "what blood type are you my dear" you'd excuse yourself from the table and bolt out the door! OK, you get the meet the Count:

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Count Morpheus Rex relaxes with the skull of his love

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Wickedly Elegant Vampire Count prefers fine silk

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Notice his silken silver hair with the purple streak...perfect for the time

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With Halloween less than 48 hours away why not drop in for a cup of blood....I mean tea, a cup of tea with me. See what collectors the world over have's a world apart from most miniature doll artists. It's fantasy - fun and a grand place to uncover your next treasure to adorn your doll house, room box, cottage or castle.
Hey....who's more deserving than you to have what makes you feel good about your life!
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