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Spooktacular.....You Betch Ya!

We're stepping into September and for those that know me it's planning time to start getting ready for another Spooktacular Halloween. I want to help you ready your miniature doll house, cottage, haunted castle or room box to set the mood.

Here's a few of my delightful creations, these and many others are available to do just that:

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The Witches Dressing Table - filled with Witches hats, potion bottles, books and even a crystal ball

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The Witches Spirit Table and Chair

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And then there's Goode Witch Dona Goosegrass & Goode Witch Marguerite Snapdragon

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Vampire Aramis Nighthawk

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And of course the hauntingly beautiful Vampire Theodora Ravenblood

All of my creations are One Of A Kind original art treasures, thought up, designed and finely finished by me, LoreleiBlu. My miniature dolls are all sculpted by my hands out of Polymer clay, have wire body armatures and are fully poseable. I also use the finest materials in their costumes including silk, vintage lace, fine cottons and much more.

My furniture is designed to capture/create a mood, style or period , then I hand paint each and create/build the accessories to add to, and finish out the piece. I have such a grand time working my craft.....if you'd like to see more, grab a friend and check out my website,, then please

cruise into my Etsy shop, for a proper cup of tea.

If you have Questions - Commission Requests - Feedback or just want more info on any of my OOAK creations, please email me, LoreielBlu, at

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Time is starting for "a haunting we will go", let's do it together and create your miniature world the way you want it to be.