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A Haunting We Will Go

Hello again from the ghostly hallows of the LoreleiBlu Studio where we're brewing up a whole bunch of special characters for collectors who also LOVE Halloween! My crew and I are really getting excited as our favorite time of year approaches.

Can you guess why? Here, let me give you a few examples of new friends that are filling my studio with electricity:

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I'd like to introduce you to Dia Di Los Muertos - Luna Dragonfly

And she brought a hauntingly beautiful friend with her, please meet Ember:

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Known in the Dia Di Los Muertos circle as Ember Batwing

And when it comes right down to's no secret that Halloween brings out the best in my creative spirit to invent, imagine and enjoy all the fun that these special days bring our way. Just ask this beauty:

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Please let me introduce you to Isabella Frogfoot, dressed in luscious silk, lace & cotton

And as always Isabella, Ember and Luna are One Of A Kind original miniature dolls - imagined, designed, sculpted and costumed by me using Polymer clay and the finest classic fabrics. Since they are fully poseable, you can make them come to life in your miniature world just the way you want them to be.

If Halloween is as special to you as it is to me I invite you to visit my website for a taste of spooky....regal....and memorable, all rolled up into one, at Also, please grab a friend and drop by my Etsy shop, to ejoy all the creations being offered to collectors the world over.

If you have Questions - Commission Requests - Feedback or just want more info on any of my OOAK creations, please email me, LoreielBlu, at

Stay tuned for more Spooktacular creations in the days ahead, from Witches - Vampires and Muertos, to many other styles of miniature dolls, to miniature doll house furniture and accessories...a haunting we will go!