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It's All About Enjoying the Ride

Someone asked me the other day what I was going to do for Labor Day. I said I won't be laboring.....I'll be having fun creating miniature magic! I have so many ideas for new OOAK dolls, quirky furniture and all the wonderful accessories that belong in the picture that each time one leaves my head, goes into my hands and comes to life, 3 or 4 more raise their hand and shout "pick me next".

Just log on to my website,, and you'll start to understand what it means to be a miniature artist on a mission....a true Labor of Love is what it is for me.

Here's a little sampling of what I mean -

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It started with Alice.....dear Alice, and her famous tea party

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....then the Mad Hatter showed up

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Not long after the party Alice said she needed a fireplace to warm the rabbit hole up...hands don't fail me now

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Not long after....Anna & Mr. Bates from Downton Abbey dropped in

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...which in turn led to the Below Stairs Girls from Downton Abbey joining the party

So hopefully this gives you a small understanding for what goes on in the LoreleiBlu Miniatures Studio...creative fun that collectors the world over have come to know and appreciate. Take a look for your self and you'll see the above is just a tiny bit of our madness, And if you missed my Artist to Artist interview with Adele from AforArtistic, you can enjoy the YouTube replay here,

The party is starting and I hope that you can drop in for a proper cup of tea and a good chin wag with us. The gang is assembling and waiting for you to arrive and brighten up the room even more.

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If you have Questions - Commission Requests - Feedback or want more info on any of my one of a kind creations, please email me, LoreielBlu, here,