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Time To Paint Your Miniature World Spooky

A haunting we will go....again!

Dust the broom off, charge the power up and let er fly! We've finally turned the calendar page and my favorite special day of the year is less than 2 months guessed it, Halloween!

Time to lift your spirits and put the finishing touches on your haunted miniature doll house, room box, cottage or castle and turn up your fun sense of adventure. I'm in my studio creating Good Witches, Vampires, Wizards, and other spookalicious characters along with unique furnishings that will help you set just the right mood in your miniature world.

Here's a sampling of the fun I'm having -

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Orpheus Bloodmoon - King Of The Underworld

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The Muertos Settee

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The Pumpkin Potty

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Good Witch Xandria Stardust & Eden the Cat

And the thrill of creating more one of a kind miniature art treasures continues on! Witches, Vampires, Warlocks and things that go bump in the kind of spooky fun!

Time has taught me that it's all about helping you design the right mood in your miniature world - my Etsy shop might have the perfect creation for you to accomplish that. You'll be treated to dozens of original character dolls-furnishings and bits & bobs along with reviews from many of my collectors around the globe.

And since all of my creations are OOAK, done by my hands, and certified so (no molds used, ever) you'll have a unique miniature treasure to add just the right personal spark to your doll house, room box, cottage or castle, be it spooky or regal. While there, if you see something you love, make it yours before it's gone!

Treat youself to some "me time" in your week to relax - broom it over to my website, where you'll see lots of miniature art treasures, from Witches, Wizards and Vampires, to Victorian ladies, unique colorful quirky furnishings, and other unique creations that delight. Plus there are various picture galleries of my past works to look through!

As always, for Questions - Commission Requests - Feedback or for more information on any of my creations, please email me, LoreleiBlu, I enjoy hearing from other miniature lovers to find out what's happening in their miniature world.

Halloween will be here before we know it so dust off your broom and remember it's a grand celebration for all of us kids at heart!


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