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Many years ago a wise old Southern Auctioneer told my husband to "Buy Wood". He added that antique furniture would never go out of style in the right circles. 

In the miniature doll collector world, "Buy What You Love", is the saying, especially if it's a one of a kind treasure never to be duplicated, like all of mine are! I pride myself on the fact that all of my original creations would always be done by my hands with no molds of any kind used and no "off  the rack" costumes or identical fabrics or patterns repeated on my dolls
And that's how LoreleiBlu Miniatures came to be years back and will remain as so. Now a few hundred creations later I still have lots of ideas on characters that jump in my head and can't wait to be introduced to my loyal collector friends, the world over.
I'd like to introduce you one of my newest friends, Countess Ellen:

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Dressed in High Victorian Style

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Beautifully outfitted in antique fabrics & lace from the 1880's

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The Countess even enjoys custom shoes made of vintage French silk ribbon

Countess Ellen is fully poseable and comes with my Certificate of Authenticity. She presents refined features from her beautifully styled period  hair, down to her lovely shoes and knit stockings. She will class up any dolls house, room box, cottage or castle that she visits...think about how she'll enjoy relaxing in your world!

Make some time for yourself this week to visit my Etsy Shop and enjoy all the fun and fantasy my studio of miniature creations has to offer. Pop in for a proper cup of tea and a chat with me LoreleiBlu.

CONTACTS: Questions - Commission Requests - Information - Feedback - reach out to me and build our friendship.

Enjoy what summer we have left and remember to "Buy What You Love". Who's better than you....treat yourself!