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It's beginning to look a lot like filling collector's holiday purchases is the task at hand and my elves are working overtime to wrap and ship your treasurers out. We want  you to receive them so that you have them to place strategically under the tree or in your miniature world!

Tis' the season to remember all the grand times shared building your doll house or room box to thrill and amaze family and friends, or maybe just to please've been good and deserve it!
I am pleased to introduce my latest creation, meet La Befana the Italian Christmas Witch:

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La Befana is fully poseable

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Dressed in beautiful fine cottons

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With her basket of gifts

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Broom - Red Stocking and treats for the children

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La Befana will brighten you holidays

As the story goes, the three wise guys were following the star and searching for the Christ child. They roamed from village to village to no avail so they stopped at La Befana's house and asked her to help in their search but she was too busy sweeping her floor. 

After they left she had a change of heart. La Befana bundled up gifts and flew off on her broom trying to find the Christ child as well. As she flew from village to village she gave her gifts to the children. Good children got sweets or fruit. The bad children got coal or onions.

La Befana, broom, gifts and all, is ready to fly into your miniature world and if you act now through December 20th. her flight to your world is FREE..

See detailed pictures of La Befana and take a break from the holiday hecticness, pour yourself a nice cup of tea (or something stronger) and relax as you enjoy a visit to my Holiday Wonderland .

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From the LoreleiBlu Miniatures Studio to your beautiful home.....Happy Holidays!