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I had one of those "pinch yourself" moments the other day. Owning my own miniature doll studio and creating what I like when I want to is a dream come true! Sure I work hard and long at times but hey, who's luckier than me to do what I love and mix it up as play time with a purpose! 

How many lucky ones do you know like that....love what they do, have a passion for what they do and keep inventing miniature art creations that others enjoy and collect? It's a blessing, and I'm so very thankful for it.
Now I'm not sure how many other artists feel this way but I'll bet if we took a survey, the ones that do, look at their talent as it's meant to be used - to make others happy....even giddy at time! 
Here's a sample of two of my latest creations:

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My version of a Witches Spirit Table

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Gather round and let's see what goes bump in the night

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And every Proper Witch needs a special place to retire

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The Witches Bed is made of fine gray tufted silk, lush cotton and vintage lace

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Witches Chair and Spirit Table....another OOAK fun project

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And The Witches Bed to lay your head

See what I mean...mystical one of a kind creations that make me, and discerning collectors the world over, smile and will cast a grand spell over any doll house, room box, castle or cottage. To see more of my fun treasures visit my Etsy Shop today and lay claim to what you fancy.

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Here's to more fun times together. Remember to treat yourself with things that make you happy!