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Custom Commissions.....yes please!

If you've got a special OOAK miniature doll, furniture or accessories in mind... I'm happy to listen

Many collectors have an idea or special image or memory in their mind....kind of like the unique formation of clouds. It might be your very own one of a kind miniature doll, or furnishings that you've thought up or saw somewhere in your travels (before the virus hit us all) or a unique accessory. Well the LoreleiBlu Studio commission business is blooming and I'm open to chatting about fulfilling your custom commission ideas.

Here's an example of a recent project that I just completed. My collector loves Alice in Wonderland (as do I) and wanted several unique furniture designs created that followed her vision to add more spirit and sparkle to her miniature world. After communications with my collector I went to work in my studio and here's what developed:

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This custom commissioned Alice in Wonderland Furniture Collection

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Here's the Alice Chair, Ottoman and Side Table....all OOAK designs

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Unique...hand crafted, custom upholstered and hand painted....enhancing Alice's whimsical walk through Wonderland

I created five delicious furniture pieces and had such a great time designing and making them. I'm happy to say that in a short time my collector was over the moon when she moved them into her special relm of miniature fantasy 

So if the next time you're cruising my website or my Etsy shop and you don't see exactly the right piece to set the mood in your doll house, cottage, castle or room box think commission for that special design in your mind and reach out to me. We'll share a proper cup of tea and a relaxing chat to see if together we can come up with just the right miniature treasure to make you smile


As always for Questions - Feedback - Commission Requests or for more information on any of my creations, please email me at, I'd love to hear from you. And rest assure your commission will not be duplicated!

I hope you and your loved ones enjoy a grand Independence weekend. Please continue to stay safely healthy and find joy in each day. And remember, collecting miniature OOAK dolls, furniture and accessories can enhance your special world as they deliver life size pleasure.