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Commissions.....Miniatures Your Way

When it comes to your vision, focusing on a favorite one of a kind miniature doll or miniature furnishings you'd like to have created for your collection, I'm listening!

A few months back one of my valued collectors reached out to me and asked if I'd create a Mad Hatter for her. I got excited and after some conversation and a little creative thinking on my part, I said I'd be delighted to bring a Lady Hatter to life, and was commissioned to do so.

Here she is in all her whimsical glory:

She's very colorful - from hat to boots, no detail was left out

She's fully poseable like all of my miniature dolls 

 I used multiple fine fabrics....that are quirky.....and fun - That's my OOAK Lady Hatter

Since all of my creations are original one of a kind pieces, I will never do exact copies of my work. Beyond that, any commission request will be discussed with the requesting collector to get their important input & feedback which helps me understand their vision and evaluate the project. From that I will let them know if I can accept the commission, and if so I'll provide them with pricing and a time line to deliver their OOAK treasure.

If you have questions on a specific commission you want me to consider doing - or to learn more about any of my currently available miniature dolls, furniture accessories or bits & bobs, log on to my Etsy shop or please email me at I constantly review and personally reply to all correspondence that I receive!

As the weather has changed and many are spending more time in-doors I hope you keep collecting the miniature treasures that bring a smile to your face and place a happy feeling in your heart.

Who says we have to grow up...not me!



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