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A Haunting We Will Go...The Final Countdown

Let's see now, hat - check, broom - check,  potions - plenty of them - Check, my fancy silk boots - check...looks like I'm ready for Halloween, how about you and your family?

It's a time for fun and frolic! Turns out, a lot of these customs date back centuries. Halloween has been transforming from an ancient tradition to the flashy fright fest we know and love today. The Word Halloween was first popularized in a poem by Scottish poet Robert Burns with his 1785  poem of the same name.

As I see it, we owe thanks to Robert for starting the spookalicious tradition that we still celebrate and enjoy. In that spirit of fantasy I want to introduce my newest miniature friend.......please welcome Wednesday Addams of the Addams family:

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Wednesday will arrive with her dolly & pumpkin

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She's fully poseable & dressed in black silk with white linen collar and cuffs

All of my miniatures are lovingly created by my hands. I never use molds to copy my work so collectors  know they are receiving a guaranteed OOAK treasure. The only time they may see my miniature designs again is on my website, in my Etsy shop, on my blog or possibly in one or more of the many national publications that have featured my work over the years.

I don't know about you, but for me this year has flown by and now all of a sudden it's time to whipe the frost off the pumpkin, pull out the broom and get ready for gouls, gobblins, ghosts and things that go bump in the night......what a delight!

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Here's wishing you a great Halloween filled with health and a little time to do some haunting of your own.


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