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A Haunting We Will Go Part 2 & 3

Warm up your brooms!

As the day...and night comes closer, the LoreleiBlu studio is filling up with Witches, Vampires, brooms, crystal balls, Oujia Boards, coffins, cauldrens, a celebrity or two and lots of Halloween magic. 

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Remember this hauntingly wonder woman Elvira!

I created her in miniature years back to celebrate her TV Horror Hostess career and have never forgotten the wonder and magic she brought to Halloween, (and still does) year after year.

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Elvira: Mistress of the Dark in miniature

Now years later my studio still marvels in the wonders of Halloween and all the spooky fun that can come from our passion for the day and night. Here are a few of my newest hauntingly delicious creations:

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Meet Good Witch Isabella Bleedingheart

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Relaxing in her Brocade & Embroidered silk gown

Miniature witches have been at the top of my favorite creations list. Each of my OOAK dolls have their own distinctive look and personality. They are all designed and made by my hands. I never use molds to copy my work so you can collect them knowing that the only time you might see them again is on my website or in my blog.

Another love of mine is unique and sometimes quirky furniture and furnishings of all kinds from Whitches dressers to a Victoian children's bed like this one:

Hand painted flowers, silk ribbons and more

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Lovingly appointed in antique lace and silk

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This bed is perfect for a mini Witch, Warlock or Vampire's room

Halloween is now days away and I hope you'll make the time to "fly" in to my Etsy shop to relax and de-stress! Take a well deserved breather from the excitement of your day and get lost for a time in your/my world of miniatures. There's plenty to bring a smile to your face, from spooky to quirky. 

Grab your favorite liquid treat, round up your group and have them join you to celebrate Halloween for your very own "Collector's Corner" party with a fun cruise through my website where you'll find Spooky to Kookie. We're always open and admission is FREE!

If you have Questions - Feedback - Commission Requests - or to learn more about any of my creations, please email me at

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