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Happy Holidays....From My Home to Yours

Oh, The Holidays Are So Delightful...Especially in Your Miniature World

It's a perfect time to make sure your miniature doll house, cottage, room box or castle expresses your personal flavor during the holidays and into the new year, whether it's warm and inviting, cozy and comfy, family filled or just a pleasant reminder of holidays past.  You create your desired mood and my studio would love to help you put a bow on it!

This time of year never lasts long much to do, so many to think about....lists, holiday cards, presents, family, food, fun, and it's all up against the inevitable not enough time in the day to get it all done. I totally understand the pace and the stress that comes with wanting everything to go smoothly.

I've learned from experience that I just can't hurry creating unique OOAK art treasures that will put a smile on a collector's face. And even though the creative process takes a bit longer, I still love what I do and so enjoy introducing you to new miniature dolls of all sorts, classic furniture and  quirky furnishings that define my studio.

Here are a couple of my latest art treasures:

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Introducing Desdemona The Fairy Queen

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plus my Art Deco Bed in fine silk with hand painted deco designs

The holidays are all around us and as always my miniatures are lovingly created by my hands. I never use molds to duplicate any of my work so collectors know they are receiving a guaranteed OOAK treasure. 

To enjoy a variety of my art dolls and more pictures of my work please visit my Etsy shop filled with what might be the perfect miniature art treasure to help you create the mood you're after....for the holidays or year round. It's filled with dozens of distinct period miniature art dolls of all styles, unique OOAK furnishings and fun bits & bobs to delight collectors the world over.

And while you're relaxing from your hectic holiday schedule take a little "me time" to visit my website which spotlights my gallery of past and present miniature creations. You will be greeted by Victorian Ladies, Snow Queens, 1940's Housewives, Steam Punkers, Good Witches, Russian Royalty, Plaque Doctors, Vampires, regal & quirky furniture plus much more.

For Questions - Commission Requests - Feedback, or for more information on any of my creations, enjoy direct artist contact, email me, LoreleiBlu. We'll keep our eyes on my email and I promise to respond, even over the holidays.

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From my home to of the holidays, stay safely healthy, share laughter and enjoy!



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