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The Fun and Challenge of Creating

Turning out more unique OOAK treasures in the new year!

My batteries are re-charging and I'm dreaming up new creative ideas that have been spinning around in my head for some time. Here's a sample of my one of a kind creations - Please meet Goode Witch Blossom Skylark, decked out in her cotton best and carrying her hand woven basket and custom broom:

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 Blossom is outfitted in soft cotton, rich silk & antique lace

Or maybe you prefer a more classic "dressed to the nines" look in regal period costuming with hair and makeup to match like these two ladies. Let me introduce you to Arabella & Delphine:

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 Their gowns are each one of a kind originals in colors and fabrics that add a WOW factor

For years, collectors the world over have enjoyed my furniture art treasures for almost any room in their miniature doll house, room box, cottage or castle. From classic beds to tables & chairs, fireplaces, settees, wall hangings and other special items.

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 The Fairytale Bed in fine cotton and lace

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 My Batwing Settee & Ottoman....cocktails included

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The Alice Rabbit Hole Fireplace

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The original & regal Wing Chair

For more than a decade LoreleiBlu Miniatures has been known to deliver OOAK miniatues that exude personality to help you create YOUR special miniature world!

 I invite you to let your fingers do the walking through my websSite to view my gallery of creative miniature art treasures. From poseable art dolls that make a statement, to classic and sometimes quirky furnishings and bits & bobs.

Reward yourself and escape to my Etsy shop where you're sure to find new creations that you can make your very own. Won't you please join me - 24/7 - in the comfort of your own home for a special cuppa.

As always, for Questions - Commission Requests - Giving Feedback or for more information on any of my totally original OOAK hand-made designs, share a few precious moments and email me, LoreleiBlu, I enjoy hearing from and communicating with other miniature lovers the world over!

At LoreleiBlu Miniatures, we put the magic in miniatures!

Cheers - LoreleiBlu

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