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Fa La La La La....

It's been a year!


Tidings of comfort and joy to you and yours on this stressful time of year! Time goes so much to do and to be thankful for. Sending holiday cards, buying presents, preparing for family and friends, planning the meals & festivities while facing the inevitable not enough time in the day to get it all done. 

And yet somehow when we realize the true importants of this and every day we're given, most all of the tasks seem small and doable.

A few of my holiday characters want to take a moment and share a smile with you:

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Krampus & Saint Nick send a cheer

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Winter Witch & Victorian Santa wish you a grand holiday filled with happy moments to cherish

As this year comes to a close, I send thanks and appreciation to all the miniature collectors that have helped make this another grand year for LoreleiBlu Studio!

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From my home to yours, I wish you the very best of times in these last days of December! Take a breath, have your favorite cuppa, and dream a dream for a grand new year!

Remember to smile and share them around.

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