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The Boys Are Back In Town

And so are the girls....It's my Countdown to Creepy!

Quick.....say their names, but not too loud.....don't want them to notice you. Way back in movie thriller history these were 3 mega-stars of classic Monster Movie Mayhem! Remember.... it only took a scary story, a convincing makeup job, costumes that haunt, music to frighten, an eerie laugh or growl and....hold on to your popcorn!

Now a days the studios create makeup that can make your best friend look like they are going to kill you, plus special effects that make you believe the whole town, along with their entire population, has been destroyed. And it now takes much more than a stake or silver bullet to put the monsters down for good.

Happy to tell you that all of my spookalicious miniature creations are 100% friendly....well maybe with the exception of an occasional Warlock holding a grudge, a thirsty Vampire out for a drink or a Witch that casts a spell on a person we most likely wouldn't like anyway.

Meet Peregrine Blackheath the Warlock

Goode Witch Nadia Blackthorne and Peregrine...ready for a night at the Opera

Or how about taking a spin on your broom with Goode Witch Blossom Skylark

With Halloween at the end of this month I hope you'll make the time to "fly" in to my Etsy shop often where you can relax, take a breather (masks not required) from the excitement of your day and get lost in the world of my miniature OOAK designs. I'm adding plenty of new fun, even quirky, treasures for sale, almost daily.. Might be a great time for you to treat yourself for all the good deeds you've done over these challenging months.

As always, feel free to round up your group for a little "me/us" time and invite them to join you on a fun walk through my website where you'll find Spooky to Kookie!

As always, for Questions - Commission Requests - Feedback or for more information on any of my creations, please email me, LoreleiBlu, at, I so enjoy meeting other miniature lovers, be they collectors or those new to my fantasy of life family.



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