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Classy Witches

Very well read and extremely well traveled!

These times ring true for the saying Necessity is the mother of invention, from the Greek philosopher, Plato. The ideas for creating new miniature collectibles, especially Halloween related since that special day/night will be on us with the flip of a calendar page, have been filling my head with Goode Witches and other Spookalicious treasures to share.

I start by sculpting the head, facial expression and eyes. From that emerges the personality that drives the rest of my one of a kind miniature dolls looks - hair, costuming, shoes and accessories. All the things that speak out and ring special.


Here are several examples of my latest creative adventures:


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Introducing Goode Witch Nadia Pumpkinflower - deliciously detailed

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Meet Goode Witch Nadia Blackthorne - formal & fashionable

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Here's my Witches Settee - fun bright fabrics and pillows on pillows

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I call this one The Witches Brew her socks & boots

I shouldn't be having all the fun so pocket some time to relax, browse my Etsy shop and my website. They are open 24-7-365 to welcome miniature collectors from all parts of the globe. Both spotlight lots of quirky OOAK miniature creations that I'm known for. You will enjoy dolls of all types - spookey to sophisticated, along with elegant to fun furniture, statement pieces and miniature accessories all sure to please.

We're stocked up with Halloween treats and I'm always adding new art treasures to bring just the right touch to your doll house, cottage, castle or room box. And please feel free to have your miniature loving friends pour a glass of their favorite beverage, log on and join you in the fun. It's called "me" time, and promotes social distancing at its best.

As always for Questions - Commission Requests - Feedback or for more information on any of my creations, please email me, LoreleiBlu.

Halloween should be a time for your whole gang to enjoy, so lower your stress and give your doll house, cottage, castle or room box that rare and unusual seasonal flair that comes with each creation made in the LoreleiBlu studiol



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