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Psssst....Here's How To Turn A House Into Your Home


It's no sceret....creating your miniatrue world by filling it with things you love and enjoy, just like in your own personal surroundings, can truly turn a house, room box, cottage or castle into a home...your home!

It's such fun to expand or change the look of a room or an entire miniature world that you lovingly design and populate. Those actions should be something to enjoy and make you smile as you go about your worldly chores! If we don't put some adventure and fun into our life, who will, right?

To that end I'd like to introduce you to a few new pieces I've just added to my shop:

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The Fairytale Queen Chair & Ottoman

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The Fairytale Knole Settee & Ottoman

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Good Witch Bessie Elderberry

My studio is staying busy with new ideas and as always, all of my miniatures are lovingly created by my hands. I never use molds to mass produce my work so collectors can be certain that they are receiving a guaranteed OOAK treasure.  Having said that, when you see a doll or a furnishing in my Etsy shop that you love, please buy it before it's gone!

The only time you may see my miniature designs again is in a fellow collector's miniature world, or on my website, in my Etsy shop, featured on my blog or possibly in one or more of the many nationally known miniature publications that have featured my work over the years.

If you have Questions - Feedback - Commission Requests - or to learn more about any of my creations, please email me at 

Here's to making your miniature dreams come true!

Cheers - LoreleiBlu 

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