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Life In The Miniature Lane Is Rewarding

The years have sped by since launching LoreleiBlu Miniatures and the thing I still enjoy most is my creative freedom to dream up my miniatures with just the right amount of unique quirkiness! It turns a job into a true love of discovery!

And since all of my dolls, furniture, and bits & bobs are one of a kind, never to be duplicated, I am constantly challenged to think up new designs, from sculpting the facial expressions on my dolls, to the fabrics I select to outfit them, and to making the accessories that go into building and identifying their personalities.

Here's an example....let me introduce you to my latest new friend:

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Good Witch Millicent Nightshade

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Beautiful silk brocade with lace and silk ribbon, all handmade and a true OOAK beauty

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Formal and yet very fashion-forward in her bold cotton print gown

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Millicent travels with her cat Violet, glow in the dark cauldron & custom broom

She is gently poseable, comes with her removable feathered hat, jewelry and many other glorious details that adorn her costume and express her personality. I'm a stickler for details and pay special attention to the little extras that delight miniature collectors from all walks of life.

I never use molds to mass produce my work so you can be certain that you are receiving a guaranteed OOAK treasure. Having said that, when you see a doll, a furnishing, or even bits & bobs in my Etsy shop that you love, please buy it before it's gone! Just this past week I had two valued collectors lose out on specific creations of mine they wanted because they waited a day and other collectors bought them.

The only time you might see my miniature designs again is in a fellow collector's miniature world, or on my website, featured on my blog, in my Etsy shop or possibly in one or more of the trusted and nationally recognized miniature publications that have been kind enough to spotlight my art treasures over the years.

If you have Questions - Feedback - Commission Requests - or to learn more about any of my creations, please email me at I personally reply to all correspondence I receive!

Here's to spending summer time relaxing with a nice cuppa and creating more memories in your miniature world!

Cheers - LoreleiBlu


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