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Let's Hear It For The Girls

Turn back the clock...the 1940's are in full swing

Talk about a decade where people the world over pulled together to fight evil and celebrate me the 1940's were it! Those special moments in time gave young and old, rich and poor a reason to be thankful and to plot a course for family growth and country character building.

In that spirit I've decided to expand my Angry Housewives Collection of poseable personalities with a few more special friends. Please let me introduce them to you:

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This is Lucy Threadgood, a master at knitting, sewing and keeping the family safe and healthy

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And here's her good friend and neighbor Penny Treadwell, serving up a proper cuppa

With the year we've all endured behind us the time seems right for stepping back to the 40s where special events could happen at any time with a simple knock on your door. Lucy and Penny both symbolize how classy and refined housewives were back in the day. Each would be happy to add a feeling of warmth and friendliness to your dollhouse, room box, cottage or castle.

I hope you can put visiting my Etsy shopand my website on your to-do list soon to add to your miniature fun and adventure. You can also take advantage of my once a year SALE which will end shortly!

We always welcome collectors 24-7 and treat them to a nice variety of unique OOAK art creations that I'm known for. You'll find poseable miniature dolls with personality & style, furnishings from settees to beds to portraits and fireplaces. Plus bits & bobs that will enhance your miniature world.

For Questions - Commission Requests - Feedback or for more information on any of my creations, enjoy direct artist contact, email me, LoreleiBlu.

My hopes are that we all have a safe and healthy year filled with friends, love and laughter!




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