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Creativity....The Path That Keeps Us Going

....and the eyes for paying attention to details!

I periodically get asked by collectors how I do what I do...from creating unique, one of a kind miniature dolls from a block of clay and fine fabrics, to designing furniture and accessories that set a mood and add personality to most any doll house, room box, cottage or castle.

It all starts as a spark of an idea that then turns into a vision of the look and feel I want to project. My mind is constantly filled with many new projects from dolls of all styles, to furnishings and accessories that delight and make heads turn.

Here are several examples of OOAK "visions" of mine that have come to life:

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 Good Witch Ophelia Moondust, my cauldron beauty

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Queen of Hearts Chair and Ottoman

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 Sakura with her tea set and hand fans

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 Corgis & Tea settee & ottoman

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 Desdemona The Fairy Queen

 All of my OOAK miniature dolls are hand sculpted, given a wire body armature so they are gently poseable, and then they are exquisitely costumed from scratch. I select and use only the finest of fabrics on my creations and they are never to be repeated. So when you spot one of my art dolls or furniture accessories that you love, collect it before it's gone!

I invite you to join me whenever you can - 24/7 - in the comfort of your own environment. Let your fingers do the walking through my websSite to view my collection of work and stop by my Etsy shop where you're sure to find new miniature treasures constantly springing up . You can enjoy art dolls from all walks of life along with classic to quirky furnishings and accessories..

As always for Questions - Commission Requests - Giving Feedback, Sharing Your Ideas or for more information on any of my totally original designs, take a few precious moments and email me, LoreleiBlu, I'd enjoy hearing from you and I promise to reply!

With the holidays just around the corner may I suggest that you also take care of yourself - let your gift givers know if there are any of my miniature creations on your wish list!



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