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A Haunting We Will Go....The Final Countdown

We will be on electric brooms this year!

Grand time to celebrate, the weather is changing, Halloween decorations abound and the ghosties, gobblins, witches, vampires & all of their friends are making final preporations to go haunting...isn't life grand.

As for my studio, I have been at my design bench feavorishly creating and the results have been exciting and fun. See for yourself - Here are two more example....please meet Raven and Amber:

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 Good Witch Raven Nightwing

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 Raven's custom designed cotton gown and hand embellishments are grand

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Good Witch Amber Dogwood in her colorful Autumnal theme clothing

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 She is a beauty...from her shoes to her removable feathered hat

 All of my OOAK miniatures are lovingly created by my hands. I never use molds to copy my work so collectors know they are receiving a guaranteed unique treasure. The only time you might see my designs again is on my website, in my Etsy shop, on my blog or possibly in one or more of the recognized & trusted national publications that have featured my work over the years.

For me this year has flown by and now all of a sudden it's time to wipe the frost off the pumpkin, pull out the broom, fill up the treat buckets and get ready for gouls, gobblins, ghosts, Good Witches and things that go bump in the night......what a delight!

If you have Questions - Feedback - Commission Requests - or to learn more and chat about any of my creations, please email me at 

Here's wishing you a great Halloween filled with health and a little time to do some spookalicious things of your own.

Happy haunting - stay safe and enjoy the ride!


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