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A Haunting We Will Go -Part Two

My Countdown to Creepy continues!

Can you hear the whisk of brooms, laughter and ghoulish conversation in the sky at night? Let's hear it for opening our windows to see what the dark of night has to offer this year. My witches are stirring and don't see a need for social distancing when they're haunting. Here's an example of a few:

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This is Hecate' Droagonblood....spooky split personality and all

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...or maybe Yelena The Russian Witch is more your cup a tea

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Let's not forget Nadia Blackthorne - sophisticated and oh so beautiful

All of my designs are certified one of a kind (OOAK) creations, with no molds used. Each of my miniature dolls are fully poseable so my collectors get to set their own that fits their miniature world.

Halloween is nearing and I hope you'll make the time to "fly" in to my Etsy shop to relax and de-stress! Take a well deserved breather from the excitement of your day and get lost for a time in your/my world of miniatures. There's plenty to bring a smile to your face, from spooky to quirky. Might be a great time for you to treat yourself for all the good deeds you've done over these challenging months.

Here's another idea, round up your group and have them join you in this celebration of Halloween for your very own "Collector's Corner" party with a fun romp through my website where you'll find Spooky to Kookie. We're open 24/7/365 and admission is always FREE!

If you have Questions - Commission Requests - Feedback or for more information on any of my creations, please email me, LoreleiBlu, at, and we can all reach for the moon together.


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