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A Haunting We Well Go - Episode 4

The masters of spooky are back

There are faces I remember.....and they still send a chill down my spine, how about you? Quick, put your run-a-way shoes on and hide, they're still watching us!

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Welcome back the 3 Amigos of fright - they are legends of fear

Fast forward to today and my creations are mostly fun with a bit of fright.....but mostly to delight and set the mood right in your world of miniature spooksville! See for yourself, here's my latest doll:

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Madam Esmerelda - The Gypsy Fortune Teller....ready to read for your family of miniatures

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She's more beautiful that frightful

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From her head to her shoes (oh, I love the shoes) she's a OOAK LoreleiBlu original

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Madam Esmerelda - The Gypsy Fortune Teller is waiting to meet you

You'll find my Etsy shop, filled with wonderful miniature treasures from Victorian dolls to Goode Witches, Muertos and even 1940's housewives. Also furniture galore from beds to wardrobes to witches dressing tables, fantasy fireplaces and even chairs with wings.....really!

All of my creations are one of a kind originals, my art dolls are all poseable and everything comes with my Certificate of Authenticity. Spend a few moments in time - log on to my website and enjoy a world like no other, .

If you have Questions - Commission Requests - Feedback or just want more info on any of my OOAK creations, please email me, LoreielBlu, at I promise you'll hear back from me.

The clock is ticking so get your haunt on and come join in the fun!