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A Haunting We Well Go - Episode 3

Capture the Moon

Somethings just keep getting fewer days until Halloween! Are you ready for the thrills? We the last few months my studio has been whirling with the fun and excitement that the last day of October has in store for miniature lovers of Witches, Vampires and Muertos around the world - Trust me!

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My team has been grabbing for the moon getting ready and I've been creating overtime.....Witches of all types - Voodoo Queens - Wizards - hauntingly beautiful furniture and chilling accessories....all one of a kind!

My dolls are all hand sculpted (by me) of the finest Polymer clay. Each starts from a block of clay and when I get them to start looking like this.....

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....with the facial expressions I want,


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I then work my magic to achieve the exact look I'm after for the costuming, hair and accessories.

Above, I proudly introduce Goode Witch - Angelica Houndstongue to the LoreleiBlu world of miniatures

It's taken years to perfect my techniques and now I just let my hands do the talking! Working with re-purposed quality fabrics of silk, rich cotton, vintage lace, soft leathers and other materials that strike my fancy, I have fun creating unique OOAK miniature treasures.

I hope Halloween is as special for you as it is to me! It's a time when we can all be kids again, leave the stress of life behind and let our hair down to enjoy the world of ghouls - ghosts - gobblins and things that go bump in the night.

I invite you to visit my website for a taste of spooky....regal....and memorable, all rolled up into one, at And please grab your friends, fire up your brooms and fly over to my Etsy shop, to ejoy all the miniature creations being offered to collectors the world over.

If you have Questions - Commission Requests - Feedback or just want more info on any of my OOAK creations, please email me, LoreielBlu, at I promise you'll hear back from me.

Remember life is short and there's not a moment to waste. When you find something that makes your miniature world a fun and happy place, grab on to it and make it yours!

Happy haunting....the countdown has started!