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In a few short weeks families from coast to coast will be gathering for fun, frivolity, friendship and FOOD....yummm! I for one am ready for another grand holiday season, how about you and your family?

Tis' the season to invite new friends over for a proper cup of tea to get to know them, learn about their past and identify with all the things in common that you share. And here are 3 new creations of mine from my Angry Housewives Collection that will bring joy to you and your miniature world:

Welcome three hard working wives from the 40's in merry old England

Audrey Makepeace

Irene Threadgoode

Murial Flyingducks

They are all dressed in original OOAK clothing and ready to bring tales of life to your doll house, cottage or room box. Meet and greet them with the warmth of old friends: 

To experience them in all their glory just log on to my Etsy Shop and plan to sit, relax and join in on the fun. There you'll find details of their outfits and lots of pictures that shine a spotlight on each character's uniqueness. 
CONTACT: Questions - Commission Requests - Feedback or to share your miniature Wish list, email me LoreleiBlu
Remember all of my creations are handmade One Of A Kind poseable dolls and miniature accessories that are shipped fully insured and come with a certificate of authenticity. If you see something you like.............BUY IT before it's gone.

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