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Put Your Flying Shoes on, Lucy

.....we're going for a ride

Did you ever wish you could fly....without a plane? Imagine seeing the ground from up above without being strapped in to a seat in a metal chamber. I'm thinking of what it would be like zooming around on a custom broom, like so many of my creations have, and count on. Think about the freedom one would enjoy, buzzing the tree tops with their feet touching the tops of the branches as you keep up with the birds.....daring & deliciously haunting, don't you think!

Here is a group of my latest miniature friends that know the feeling of flying without a plane, or a net:

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A custom broom is the major mode of transportation for many of these ladies

During these stressful times we all need a little more fantasy in our lives so let's switch gears together and enter the world of these high fliers:

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My old friend Baba Yaga

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Liberte' Papillion The Bastille Day Witch

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Hecate' Dragonblood with her split personality - literally

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And another darling, Goode Witch Victoria Whitchapel

Flying machines in ever shape, color and size. And just like my miniature dolls they're all one of a kind to match the personality of each of my witches. They are made from scratch, never need an oil change or a Carfax and start every time the girls are ready to ride.

With Halloween just over two months away I hope you'll make the time to "fly" in to my Etsy shop often where you can relax, take a breather from the excitement of your day and enjoy my miniature OOAK designs. There are lots of new fun, even quirky, treasures on display for sale, like my Witchie Crazy Quilt, shown below in all it's color and glory.

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Two for the price of's reversible

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Please feel free to round up your posse, tell them it's time for a little "me/us" time and invite them to join you on a fun run over to my website for some miniature art appreciation and a good chin waging.

As always for Questions - Commission Requests - Feedback or for more information on any of my creations, please email me, LoreleiBlu, at, I'd enjoy hearing from you and will be delighted to personally send you a timely reply.

Surround yourself with treasures that bring more joy to your miniature deserve it, and I'm delighted to be a part of what makes you smile.




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