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Our Clock Is Set Back

As more new LoreleiBlu creations move forward

It's getting to be that perfect time of year....not too hot, not too cold - a bit of alright!  The great outdoors seems even greater to enjoy now with the amount of "indoor" time many have been spending. My studio windows are open to let the cooler air in and share the fragrances of fall.

Now we're almost getting ready to set the table for the holidays and it won't be long before we'll be ringing in a new, and hopefully, healthier New Year for all to make the most of.

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A latest creation of mine is Goode Witch Cherie Blossom & her dog Jax

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Then there are winged friends Vesper Nightmagick & her cat Violet

I invite miniature lovers the world over to browse my Etsy shop and my website. There you'll find dozens of beautiful OOAK dolls dressed in fabrics of fine silk, soft cottons and more, wearing shoes and boots to die for! Also enjoy elegant to quirky furniture and bits & bobs that might add the right personality your one of a kind miniature world deserves.

And as always my team provides FREE FAST SHIPPING along with tracking & insurance, plus each creation comes with my COA. There are no molds used so every one of my dolls is totally original!

For Questions - Commission Requests - Feedback or for more information on any of my creations, enjoy direct artist contact, email me, LoreleiBlu.

Please tell your miniature collector friends about my creations as you take in fall and enjoy every day!



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