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Famous Characters and Their Furnishings....A Mountain of Personality in Miniature

I'm on a mission to continue to create and introduce more miniature treasures from all walks of life into the miniature doll world. The adventure is grand, designing and making them come to life is both exciting and rewarding.  New art dolls, furnishings from classic to quirky and bits & bobs of all sorts keep me charged up as I expand my portfolio for collectors the world over.

Summer is in full swing and the heat is on in more ways than one. The LoreleiBlu studio is heating up with ideas for new challenges to create and cherish. My one of a kind (OOAK) miniatures are first thought up in my mind and then lovingly made by my hands. There are never any molds used, never any costumes copied, no chance of the exact same miniature ever being duplicated by me and showing up in another collector's miniature world.

My dolls all have my custom signature wire armitures so they are gently posable to fit into most any miniature room setting, from cottage to castle, so they can transmit the personality that my collector desires, whether it be very formal, or totally laid-back casual. My costuming is period correct and spans from whimsacal to classical to down right spooky and erie (so I've been told). Oh what fun I have!

Here's one of my latest creations -

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This my Black Cat Knole Settee & Ottoman

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Deep rich soft cotton with cats that come to life 

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With of course...several of my signature pillows to make it easy to relax in

Now that's a way to turn your miniature world into your favorite place and leave the rest of this crazy world behind. While you're in the mood take time & treat yourself by cruising my website. Relax, enjoy and also drop by my Etsy shop, along with your friends, for a proper cuppa along with a lively chin wag. I'll enjoy that.

As always for Questions - Commission Requests - Feedback or for more information on any of my creations, please email me, LoreleiBlu, I'd love to hear from you.

Let's all give thanks to having miniatures to enjoy and keep us filled with wonder as we work to stay safe and healthy. 


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