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Don't You Just Love It...Miniature Collecting, That Is!

To be a miniature collector is a therapy onto itself.....right! It's a world that you can take control over and make your doll house, room box, cottage or castle take on the look you want, by adding your own touch and personality! Fewer and fewer things in life afford one that opportunity these days, wouldn't you agree!

My specialties are one of a kind  miniature dolls and furniture of all styles - from the regal look of a Victorian settee, to whimsical and colorful like a trick or treat chair and ottoman, to my outlandish vampire chest of drawers with all the bits & bobs included, or even a comfy and classy coffin! 

Also, another niche I like to create in is that of the quirky....dolls that are timely yet timeless like my Plague Doctors, Witches and even Wednesday Addams or Alice in Wonderland!

A picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few of my latest creations:

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 Good Witch Lily Moonseed in an array of lucious colors

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Lily is outfitted in lovely soft cotton with a hat to die for

I search the world over for fabrics that have rich, deep colors and patterns that you won't see most anywhere else. Then I design and hand make all of my outfits to show a flair and bring to life the personality that my creations are known for. 

If I'm going for a more sophistocated look I tone things down, like this beauty:

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 Claire Fairwinds - a proper lady in lovely handmade cotton pajamas with removable gown

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 Claire is fully poseable & has silk ribbons from her hair to her slippers

All of my OOAK miniature dolls are hand sculpted from blocks of polymer clay, given a wire body armature that I create which makes them gently poseable, and then they are richly and uniquely costumed, never to be repeated. So when you spot one of my art dolls that you love, collect it before it's gone!

You're invited to join me whenever you can - around the clock - while keeping safe and healthy. Let your fingers do the walking in my websSite to view my collection of work and also stop by my Etsy shop where you're sure to find new art treasures constantly springing up . From miniature art dolls filled with personality, to classic and sometimes quirky furnishings and bits & bobs, there's never a dull moment at LoreleiBlu Miniatures.

As always for Questions - Commission Requests - Giving Feedback, Sharing New Creation Ideas or for more information on any of my totally original designs, share a few precious moments and email me, LoreleiBlu, I'd love to hear from you and I promise to reply!

Cheers - LoreleiBlu

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