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Decking The Halls

With Holiday Icons & Grateful Thanks!

Where has this year gone? Seems like just a few weeks ago we were celebrating a new year and toasting to a healthier start to 2020. Then the pandemic hit and all bets were off. Through it all my studio and staff stayed busy, inspired by new creations for more One Of A Kind miniature art dolls, unique - fantastic furniture and fun accessories.

As the LoreleiBlu staff winds down 2020 a few very special guests showed up for a cuppa along with some much needed chin-wagging and socializing. Look at these characters....

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We replied "yes please, I'll have a proper tea" to Mrs. Santa

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And of course Father Christmas was decked out and warming up for his yearly ride

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The Red Snow Queen showed up to join in the fun

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Even our Victorian Blue Santa made it by to share good tidings of the season

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And the keepers of the naughty & nice lists - Krampus & Santa - posed for a memorable picture

 my Etsy shop is filled with what might be the perfect miniature art treasure to help you create the mood you're after....holidays or just plain classy fun. It's filled with dozens of distinct period art dolls of all styles, unique OOAK furnishings and original bits & bobs to delight serious or occasional collectors the world over.

And while you're relaxing from your hectic daily schedule visit my website which spotlights our gallery of past and present miniature creations. You will be greeted by Victorian Ladies, Snow Queens, 1940's Housewives, Steam Punkers, Good Witches, Russian Royalty, Plaque Doctors, Vampires and more. Plus your miniature dreams will be filled with unique OOAK furniture along with other original handmade accessories to delight and help capture your creative sense.

The Collector Corner is pleased to shine the spotlight on a Collector's Christmas to remember. We'd also like to feature your use of our creations in future blogs in the new year so do send your picture(s) in.

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Victoria in her Holiday loft settled in for a evening to relax - Brenda C, Williams AZ

For Questions - Commission Requests - Feedback, Collector Corner or for more information on any of my creations, enjoy direct artist contact, email me, LoreleiBlu. We'll keep our eyes on my email and promise to respond over the holidays.

From our family of artists to you and yours....best of the holidays, stay safely healthy and enjoy!



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