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A New Year And a New Me!

And the next thing I knew......

It was Christmas day and I had to pay a surprise visit to the ER. Next thing I knew two days later I was having open heart surgery to correct major blockage in several areas of my heart! Oh no - this can't be happening to me, but it did!

Fast was New Year's day and I was going home, with a fixed heart and a major sigh of relief!

My surgical team and nursing staff were fantastic and I'm very happy to say that my operation went well and I'm slowly starting on the mend.

I have so many wonderful people to thank for their great work, kind words and well wishes. Medical Professionals, Artists, Collectors and others in and out of the miniature world have made the time to reach out to me and I'm grateful for all of the support that you've shown.

My Etsy shop and website both remain open for business and spotlight my dolls, furniture, and other one of a kind original creations that I've made, some as recent as just a few weeks before the holidays.

And even though I won't be at my studio desk sculpting, costuming and painting on a regular basis until I've healed, I am pleased to tell you that as I recoup I'll be designing and conjuring up many new miniature dolls, furnishings and accessories to make 2020 a year to remember - for all of us.

Thanks to you I've just completed my most satisfying year as a miniature artist....ever! And with better health on the way, you ain't seen nothing yet!

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Let's all keep reaching for the moon.....together! Here's to health and happiness in 2020.

Happy New Year,