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A Haunting We Well Go - Episode 6

Final Chapter

Well I think I've settled on my outfit for Halloween, how about you?

This month seems to have flown by (pun intended - I've been making miniature Witches and their brooms), and the BIG night is this Thursday. I don't know about you but I'm ready to be spookatized!

I've had a special friend drop by my studio this week for inspiration....and for a proper cup of tea. Some of you may know her -

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Please say hello to Elvira (posing by my Vampire fireplace and wolf rug)

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She was great fun on her visit this time around......I said "relax" and relax she did

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I even had to shake her and wake her up from her little snooze on my soft and cozy wolf rug

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Elvira was a treat and oh the fun we had laughing about past Halloweens

Before your special guests (ghouls and goblins) show up I hope you will visit my Etsy shop and add more spirit to your miniature world, It's filled with wonderful miniature treasures from Victorian dolls to Goode Witches, Muertos and even 1940's housewives. Also, you will see spooktacular furniture from classic beds and wardrobes to Witches dressing tables, fantasy fireplaces, wolf rugs and even chairs with wings.....really!

All of my creations are one of a kind originals! My art dolls are all poseable and every piece comes with the LoreleiBlu Certificate of Authenticity. Want more - spend a few fun moments of enjoyable time - log on to my website and be treated to a miniature world like no other, .

If you have Questions - Commission Requests - Feedback or just want to say hello and ask for more info on any of my OOAK treasures, please email me, LoreielBlu, at I promise you'll hear back from me.

The clock is winding down so get ready.....put your haunt on and come join in the fun!

Happy Halloween,