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70 Years of Service

What a Lady - What a Life

I am so saddened by the loss of Queen Elizabeth ll and I deeply mourn her passing, along with millions the world over.

My love for England started as a young girl with my pen pal in the East Midlands of England and has continued to grow and expand through these many years with a number of visits across the pond to enjoy dear old friends and to meet new ones from many different walks of life.

Even before the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebration ended this past June I started to think about creating special comorative miniature furniture in her honor. Over the summer my design ideas started to come together in what I call the Lilibet Collection.

Now, in memory of HRH Elizabeth II I'd like to share my first miniature creations to celebrate her:

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The Lilibet Settee in wonderful comfy cotton with custom pillows

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The Lilibet Settee has regal red fringe all around the base

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The Lilibet chair in jolly old mixed colorful cotten prints

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Perfect to curl up in and enjoy a cuppa

As always, I never use molds and I select from the finest cottons, silks, vintage and antique lace, wonderful wood, Swarovski Crystals, glass beads and other precious materials to capture and deliver the detailis that my studio is known for. All of my miniature creations are one of a kind art treasures designed by my hands and never to be duplicated!

Having said that, when you see a doll, a furnishing, or even bits & bobs in my Etsy shop that you love, please make it yours before it's gone! The only time you might see my OOAK miniature designs again is in a fellow collector's miniature world, in the gallery on my website, featured on my blog, in my Etsy shop or possibly in one or more of the trusted and nationally recognized miniature publications that have been kind enough to feature my art treasures over the years

If you have Questions - Feedback - Commission Requests - or to learn more about any of my creations, please email me at I personally reply to all correspondence I receive!

Here's to the memory of HRH Queen Elizabeth II who gave decades of service and always seemed to find a smile to share!

Cheers - LoreleiBlu

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